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20 January 1981
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I could be clever and attempt to create some grand story of my rather prosaic life. Of course, then I'd run the risk of sounding pretentious. Instead I'll give you a brief glimpse at my most recent.

I graduated in the Fall of 2004 from Temple University in the great City of (not so) Brotherly Love. After 5 1/2 years of slaving away in the bowels of North Philadelphia, I came away with my BA and a pair of degrees. If you are curious, my degrees are in BTMM -- Broadcast Telecommunications and Mass Media, concentration in New Media -- and English, concentration in writing.

After a year or so of false starts in finding a job, I'm slowly establishing my career. Currently, I work for the University of Pennsylvania Health System as web coordinator. I love my job, despite the dull moments and monotony. I enjoy tedium. When necessary, I steal moments here and there to wander around online.

I love to write. I love to make and appreciate art. I'm a creative person and I love to create. I love to cosplay. I love to sew. There is some sort of feeble satisfaction that I get through the act of creation. I love ball-jointed dolls. I love the Takarazuka Revue. The rest of my passions are all listed in my interests, and I'm sure there are a million of them, so feel free to browse. I tend to forget to update my user info quite often, so to learn what my most current passions are, read my journal! I almost never friends lock (unless I'm in a sharing mood ~.^

My drink of choice? Gin and Tonic!

I enjoy reading my freinds' livejournals. I may not comment regularly, but please know that I do read. I still have difficulty overcoming my lurker tendancies. I try to be a nice person. I try befriend anyone who wants to befriend me - even when I probably shouldn't. I'm typically just too dense to realize I SHOULDN'T like someone or something.

Common courtesy goes a long way. It's grossly underused and grossly underappreciated, kinda like common sense.

BTW, my real name is Amanda. I tend to go by "Zephy" online. Feel free to call me whatever you like!
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